In 1999, I began my Web Development career as a student at Berkeley Technology Training in their Web and Design program. After completing the program, I was the only student hired by Berkeley to be an instructor and have taught a full course load, consisting of day, evening and Saturday classes.

In addition to teaching, I was also in charge of several other projects. For example, shortly after I began teaching, I was put in charge of the Berkeley Web Program and a Web Design and Development program. Around the same time, the number of students in the program grew from approximately 15 to 60 within weeks, and new programs were starting every month. With the rapid growth of the program it became apparent that an underlying architecture had to be established. For example, there was no simple way to find out who was registered in the program or a way to have personal contact with every program member, as I had with the original members.

Accomplishments at Berkeley
  • Developed ASP web site for Training Center's Web Site with VBScript and SQL Server
  • Headed Web Design and Development Program
  • Catalogued student body in MySQL database and PHP
  • Taught classes
  • Managed students progress
  • Developed curriculum
  • Trainer Extraordinaire Award 2000

To remedy these shortcomings, I initiated as a way of streamlining and organizing the program. I wanted it to be the guide for the program: providing class lists, class reading material, projects, links, FAQs, and class summaries. We found hosts that would allow us to set up individual FTP accounts for the students so they could practice uploading files to a Web server. The site continues to serve as a gallery for many students' works.

I learned my initial database skills building a MySQL database with PHP to keep track of students in the program. I was able to easily keep track of student contact information as well as what projects had been completed and by whom. In turn, students could find out their standings by logging in to their information.

My next major accomplishment at Berkeley was the current version of the company's main site, During my first few weeks at Berkeley I overhauled the original version of the site, replacing an old navigation with newer graphics and eventually all of the original code.

The first step towards a dynamic course catalog was parsing tab delineated files exported from our FileMaker database with Perl, but the ultimate goal was ASP. I originally built the current architecture under the old design but soon implemented a new design.

Today allows potential students to view class listings consisting of descriptions, prices and dates. These listings are updated daily. It is also now possible to request enrollment in classes. Since SQL Indexing was not available to me from our Web hosts, I built a search engine for the site as well.

Administrative capabilities of the site include adding and deleting classes, uploading class dates as well as the ability to edit class titles, descriptions and prices. Other dynamic areas of the site, such as our newsletter, can also be edited.

I also developed several key tools for the Instructor Staffing division at Berkeley. I was able to put Instructors in contact with Berkeley employees and submit their resume with a simple form.

In addition, I built a way to view the local trainer staffing database via the Web with information exported from FileMaker. One of the most successful aspects of this system is a page displaying some of the aforementioned information which allows instructors to sign up to teach a class, saving our recruiters potential hours of unnecessary work.

Presently the site is doing well on several searches important to the site. Here are some statistics as of September 20th:

Note: the site slipped in status on searches for "computer training" when the company name changed from Berkeley Computer Training to Berkeley Technology Training.

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