The name of this site is a lyric from "The Flesh Failures", the finale of the musical HAIR.

Written by James Rado and Gerome Ragni, and scored by Galt McDermot, HAIR was initially performed at the New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater in Autumn of 1967. After several failed prospects and the introduction of McDermot's score the production opened on Broadway at the Biltmore Theater in the Spring of 1968. The same Spring that NASA lost 3 astronauts, the same Spring as Prague.

HAIR tells the tale of young adults in Greenwich Village, New York, living life, enjoying liberty and definitely pursuing happiness. It addresses many issues relevant not only to the Counterculture, but to American society in general: The Vietnam War, Racial Tensions, Sexual Tensions, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, Youth, the then un-termed New Age Philosophies, and, of course, the United States of America.

Personally, when I first heard it, I found the recording (and still do!) to be not only entertaining, but informative as well. HAIR - the American Tribal Rock MusicalIt is a document, preserving a time, a place, and an ideal for as long as civilized Society supports theatrical arts. The lyric "Electronic Data Processing" (from "3-5-0-0") is, to me, a Historical account of Civilization's achievements and record to the fact that the Digital age had already begun. The Future was Then.

Examine another singular lyric, The simple line, "Folding the Flag is taking care of the Nation, Folding the Flag is putting it to bed for the night." To me this conveys a poignant understanding of a need for a military stand point. This line removes a certain amount of daftness which one may be quick to criticize the Sixties Hippie movement with.

And oh yeah, HAIR mentions the Grateful Dead and the Beatles.

To me, many of the songs and lyrics of HAIR have special meanings. The lyrics and music of "the Flesh Failures", the final song of HAIR, never cease to give me chills. It is from that song which I take the domain name for this site.

Let the Sunshine in.

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