This assumes a basic knowledge of ./configure command... (and folks I know nothing)

Note: this was done on a Mac running the latest versions of the GCC compiler. I barely understand the compilers, I just wanted to help others who may have to do the same task someday.

  1. Download latest aspell library and language dictionary
  2. Download PHP
  3. Install Aspell
    1. Unzip the aspell archive.
    2. Using the terminal execute the configure file in the aspell directory
      1. no parameters
      2. will install Aspell into /usr/local/bin
    3. Run the make command
    4. Run "sudo make install"
      1. enter admin password
    5. You can run /usr/local/bin/aspell
      1. but no dictionaries will be found.
  4. Install A Dictionary
    1. Unzip the dictionary library
    2. Use the command line to navigate to this directory
    3. Run ./configure with the following flags:
      1. ASPELL=/usr/local/bin/aspell
      2. PREZIP=/usr/local/bin/prezip-bin
      3. so...
        1. :: ./configure ASPELL=/usr/local/bin/aspell PREZIP=/usr/local/bin/prezip-bin
      4. You should receive no errors and return quickly to the command line.
      5. If so run make
      6. Run sudo make install.
        1. Enter password
      7. You can now run aspell from the command line!
  5. Compile PHP
    1. Unzip the PHP contents
    2. Again with the command line navigate to the PHP source directory
    3. Run ./configure
      1. If you currently have PHP running, look at your PHP Info to get the previous build options so as to reuse them
      2. Add the --enable-pspell option
        1. You do not need to specify location
      3. make
      4. sudo make install
        1. Enter password
      5. restart your server
  6. Check out this great resource:
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